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“YOU ARE NOT ALONE”… There are nearly 45 million individuals in the US serving as unpaid caregivers. If you are one of them, you know that the challenges you face are personal and complex. “WE CAN HELP”… No person is able by experience or training to provide all the care required by older adults or persons with disabilities. It is difficult to be a doctor, companion, money manager or move coordinator for those in your care or trust.

Care Management

The care manager’s goal is to assists our clients, their families and concerned individuals as they cope with the challenges of aging and/or disability. Our goal is to help individuals maintain their dignity and independence. “Coach for Seniors Inc” recognizes that persons with disabilities have special needs, separate from those of older adults. Care Management encompasses a broad and comprehensive range of services.

Care Giving

Our Care giving Services are designed to provide supportive and personal care to our clients by qualified employees. We create with our clients, families of concerned individuals personalized care plans based on a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s needs. We take pride in the high degree of professionalism we offer in our Care giving Department.


Few experiences in life are as emotional and challenging as moving from your home of many years to a new, smaller environment. Many family members live far away from their loved ones, and are not always available to assist with this stressful move. Relocation Services are often overlooked in providing care to older adults and/or disabled individuals. Our staff help can make this a smooth transition for our client or the individual in your care.


AnaBolena Terrazas is founder of “Coach for Seniors Inc.”

For over twenty years, her professional nursing experience includes hospital nursing. With clinical experience across the entire continuum of long term care. She provides care management services, care seniors and support for family caregivers. -Alzheimer’s association -American Nurses association -National Association of professional Geriatric Care Managers -National Association of social Workers -National Council on Aging -Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice

  • Communication skills
  • Speed
  • Decision-making skills
  • Flexibility

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AnaBolena Terrazas

I create and implement a specialized and individualized in-home health care plan for my patients, putting together a team of caretakers who I hire, train and manage, and who provide around-the- clock care as necessary to my patients.
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German A. Terrazas

Vice President
My role is basically the support and synchronization of operations. I assign dates and times for nurses and support staff. I have an organized and consistent history of working.


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