October 2, 2016


Few experiences in life are as emotional and challenging as moving from your home of many years to a new, smaller environment.

Many family members live far away from their loved ones, and are not always available to assist with this stressful move. Relocation Services are often overlooked in providing care to older adults and/or disabled individuals.

Our staff help can make this a smooth transition for our client or the individual in your care.



  • Downsizing Assessment
  • Layout of New Residence


  • Packing (Materials Supplied)
  • Coordination with Movers
  • Disposal of Unwanted Items
  • Arrange for Auction or donation
  • Arrange for Storage
  • Readiness for Sale


  • Unpacking
  • Setup and Decorate
  • Equipment Hook Up
  • Removal of Packing Supplies
  • Personal Service (Groceries, Household Items and Personal Needs Shopping)