October 2, 2016

Care Management

The care manager’s goal is to assists our clients, their families and concerned individuals as they cope with the challenges of aging and/or disability.

Our goal is to help individuals maintain their dignity and independence.

“Coach for Seniors Inc” recognizes that persons with disabilities have special needs, separate from those of older adults. Care Management encompasses a broad and comprehensive range of services.


  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  •  One-Time Consultation
  •  Care Plans for Disabled Individuals with Ongoing      Reassessment
  • Development of individualized Care Plan
  •   Short Term
  • Long Term
  • Alternative Residence
  • Coordination of Services and Medical Care
  • Monitor Care in a Variety of settings
  • Crisis Intervention and Prevention
  • Assistance with Entitlement Applications
  • Capacity and Evaluation Reports
  • Referrals to Related Professional Services
  • Liaison for Families at a Distance
  • Consumer Education and Advocacy
  • Medication Management