September 25, 2016

About Us

Our Approach

Coach for Seniors is an in-home caretaking service for senior citizens company. We make sure each patient has the necessary medical supplies and equipment, medicines, clothing and food he or she needs to continue living comfortably and healthily in his or her own home. In essence, We provides an effective and efficient full-service in-home health management and care system designed to keep patients healthy and happy, a system of care that We’ve created and honed over our 25+ years of experience.

Our Story

For over twenty years, our professional nursing experience includes hospital nursing.

With clinical experience across the entire continuum of long term care. We provide care management services, care seniors and support for family caregivers.

  • Alzheimer’s association
  • American Nurses association
  • National Association of professional Geriatric Care Managers
  • National Association of social Workers
  • National Council on Aging
  • Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice

Meet the Team


Anabolena Terrazas


I’ve been in the senior citizen caretaking business since 1987 and now work primarily as a health care manager. I create and implement a specialized and individualized in-home health care plan for my patients, putting together a team of caretakers who I hire, train and manage, and who provide around-the-clock care as necessary to my patients. I am in regular communication with each patient’s family, and I schedule and accompany my patients to all necessary medical appointments. I make sure all doctors’ orders are implemented and I communicate with my patients’ doctors to keep them informed of any changes in a patient’s medical condition. I run errands as necessary. I also handle all billing, payroll and scheduling responsibilities for my team of caretakers.


German terrazas

Vice President

My role is basically the support and synchronization of operations. I assign dates and times work for nurses and support staff. I keep track of all hours worked, I work up the payroll and invoices to present to the clients. I keep track of the expenses of the Company, the current accounts of banks, credit cards and savings accounts. My job is to keep a record of working in an organized and consistent way, I prepared the required reports to the tax department, etc.